National gas pipeline Klechovce- Negotino, section BS5 – Negotino, 36km (61-97 km)

On the project for Building the national gas pipeline section Block station 5 - Negotino,36 km long, the Joint-Stock Company (AD) Macedonian Energy Resources is the Investor, RAPID BILD DOO is the main contractor (Leader of the group of bidders), where in compliance with the contract - in the period between 06. 2016 and 12. 2017 - the company has performed and will continue performing the following operations:

  • Engineering and elaborate design preparation
  • Supply, unloading, storing, loading and transport of steel pipes
  • Supply, unloading, storing, loading and transport of equipment and materials (Main Measuring Regulation Station (MMRS), brass elbow, fittings, valves, isolation)
  • Curving steel pipes
  • Installation-welding operations (layout of pipes, welding with attested welding procedures, isolation, pit placing, welding of installation joints)
  • Radiographic control of welded joints
  • Overall performance of block stations and Main Measuring Regulation Stations (installation-welding works, construction works, cathode protection, electrical operations, hydro testing) – a total of 4 Block stations, 4 cleaning station and 2 MMRS (Stip I Negotino)
  • Construction works (preparation of working band, digging and preparation of pit, pipes covering in a pit, landslide and erosion protection, valley protection, revitalization of land and recovery to the original state)
  • Specific construction works (passage under the Vardar River and Luda Mara river)
  • Underway passages and railway lines by open excavation and horizontal directional drilling
  • Performance of hydro tests (power test and impermeability test) on the main line passages, passages under rivers, roads, block stations and railway lines)
  • HDPE pipes and road pits installation
  • Gas pipeline track marking
  • Performance of makeshift and permanent cathode protection of the linear part, block station and MMRS (performance of cad weld welding, supply and installation of cathode protection station, performance and installation of cathode protection measuring units)
  • High-voltage electro power supply of cathode protection stations and MMRS
  • Gas pipeline cleaning and calibration
  • Gas pipeline drying and blowing
  • Performance of As-Built Project and Gas Pipeline Usage and Maintenance Project
  • The main distinction of this project is that for the first time a Macedonian company is the carrier of the construction works of the National gas pipe line with high pressure.
Project Information
Location Negotino
Investor Macedonian Energy Resources of the Republic of Macedonia
Role Main contractor
Year 2016-2017

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